10 Things about Twilight Teaches Teenage Girls Youth

Twilight is about a kazillion dollars to make this weekend, despite the poor quality and contains special effects, as they look pioneered in 1977. It is really a sign for the fans of the series of books that dominate the teen market. What sex will do in the City, the studio execs by hordes of women in middle age and make it a hit, the young, the same for this movie vampire Moody surprised.

Many of these young people to get the male race, in hopes of a glimpse of the mysterious creature, a teenager. Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times said: "I am not now and I've never seen a girl of 13 years, but" Twilight "has me believe I could be." What if you've never met, Kenneth Turan is a bit disturbing, but I its position. The film has a great job for you in the role of Bella Swan, and let you know what it does matter. can see that in mind, our list of 10 things that children and young adolescents learn about doing when they see this film.

Both girls and boys to ignore

When Bella sees Edward for the first time in the classroom, he froze as if he were a dead skunk smoke and avoided like the plague. Days pass and he will not return to class, but she sees every day. Finally, when he returns, he switches between its nice to her and said they should not be friends with him. It ends with nuts Bella, this is perhaps what he wanted all the time. The next time you see a girl that interests you, make sure that it grabs your attention and behave as you press and you have the right path.

Both girls and boys who are mysterious

It is important to have a touch of mystery about himself, and not at all clumsy Dork gay men such as Mike Newton in the film. The man is an open book, and Bella is so bored by it. The only thing that catches his fancy at the new school, a group from the street, is a little Goth mosey students with a ton of their products, as they strayed from the campus of a private school. Let people know about your past, mugs randomly around and break into a conversation and go. You will be a mystery to man.

Both girls and boys talk about their feelings

If you do not go and do now, because you will not believe in the rule of the first ignored the girl, pony and, ultimately, you spill your secrets. Although the key is a secret of the period in which you are all "Dizzy's work." To be the girl you need to let him know your secret, and he felt as if they alone know the world know that of course it helps if the secret is that one hundred years old and a vampire, but the fact that you wet the bed used until you are 10 would work well. The key is just to a particular time and trust in their open, seemingly without such a sissy.

Both girls and boys with its product

Do you have the hair of Edward in Twilight? Seriously, it's ridiculous. It looks like the love child of James Dean and Elvis, and he needs at least an hour in "ready to enjoy each day to spend in school, although we never see us, as he PREPS. Vampires you will receive the gift they maintain the very good ", and he is not alone, his brothers all Vampy hair that looks like he is one of those books you see in the waiting rooms the hairdressers. The nature of the catalogs you need your eyes take to the next. Pattinson Fans call the hair of sex, "he added Sexy Hair, or because your hair is like after a sex. Anyway, pick-up products and start working on your locks means.

Stammer girls from the boys who are interested

If for signs that they are really looking at you, it's a good thing. If it can hardly happen when a set of talking to you, then she needs you. Or it can be challenged to keep grammatically, but we hope and assume it's just nervous. When Edward finally begins to talk to Bella, she looks like Woody Allen, and you have the same tongue-tied characters to be found. In addition, we looked incessantly, is the language, the only visual cue confused that you contact you.

Girls Just Want to Have Sex boys do much

This breaks the old myth that girls just want guys in the pants. Let me tell you, girls want in their pants just as bad. Bella is really trying to propel himself on Edward, and there is still much harder than he pursued. There is no discussion about the wait for an appropriate time or ensuring that the time is special. No, they just want him going out of his clothes and much. I am not saying that Bella is a bitch because she chaste actually a pretty girl. But it certainly would not be afraid to Edward in the bag for some extra-curricular activities.

Both girls and boys can resist the urge

That this desire is to suck your blood or end up in bed, dear girl, a man with a head, and it is also the whole "ignore it and it is crazy," marks the top drive in the list. Edward and Bella have a pretty intense Makeout scene in this film. You are in bed with Bella, and she is in her panties. What is hot and heavy and suddenly Edward flies backwards into the wall and explodes. He knows he must be careful with him or he'll probably tear. Rather naked before him, he is right next to her bed and looks.

Both girls and boys can play the piano

While I hope you think I could work for every instrument, I do not know whether to put you in a position to French horn or oboe. Was Kenny G. never Chick Magnet? Keep the basics, like a guitar or piano. Edward Bella plays a tune, and my friends Obsession of Twilight books, he wrote a song for her later in the series. Who would of course be a girl nuts. However, the piano makes you look vulnerable and it is less an instrument of a phallic guitar. It will give you a bad mood, adds more mystery, and it's like kryptonite to the heart of a young girl.

Both girls and boys sports

Even if you're an immortal beings who have survived on the blood of others, hit the girl graves, even if the ball deep in midfield. It is a ridiculous time in the twilight, when a terrible storm Vampire is a chance to play baseball, because the thunder noise masks when they pound the ball. Invite Bella to day and you can see how excited when Edward made a spectacular catch. This is not quite as romantic as in the stands and watch a free man or free throw for a touchdown, but it's as close as Bella can get, and she loves it. Then you take something, even though the ball kick.

Bad Boys Like Girls

For years, were girls love the archetypal rebel, the man who hangs himself, sporting tattoos, rides a motorbike, gets into trouble from time to time. Well, there is nothing that can kill bad guy you for lunch, and constantly in physical pain by resisting the urge to sing your throat your blood for him. Externally, the vampires in Twilight but pale skin and bright as diamonds, as they stand in the full sun, but they are inside a storm of emotions. While you may not be able to be a vampire to talk back to a teacher or to believe that the tattoo you've always wanted. There is much work the same magic.